Basix Collection- Suspended Felt

The Basix Collection of suspended felt is comprised of felt panels made of your selection of our Ultimate Felt. The standard widths are 30" 36" 42" and 48"- with lengths of 8 and 9 feet standard. We can offer custom sizes with most designs. The panels are hung using our panel track or cable system.


Basix hanging panels can be made of 3mm or 5mm Ultimate Wool Felt -100% virgin merino wool.

Color Options

We offer over 65 color options in either 3mm or 5mm thickness- and optional full customization.


Basix hanging felt can be made from Ultimate Wool Felt offering 65+ color options in 3mm and 5mm.

  • Standard widths 30,36,42,48 will customize
  •  3mm & 5mm  thick
  • Over 65 colors available
  • 100% rapidly renewable material
  • Length 8 ft or 9 standard plus custom
  • Full customization available
  • Customize designs per your drawing
  • Grid 1
  • Grid 2
  • Aspen
  • Austin
  • Element
  • Net
  • Code
  • Current
  • Interlock
  • Bern


Basix hanging panels are used to:
Provide visual privacy
Provide visual break in space
Divide work areas
Separate meeting spaces
Provide acoustic performance
Assist in wayfinding
Hang from ceiling with custom cut pattern