Brooklyn Contract Felt a collection of felt including the highest quality 100% merino wool produced in our European Mill the same way it has since the eighteenth century. The felt is 900 grams per square yard- some of the most dense ever made. The proprietary finishing process has been perfected for more than a century and yields a Level of craftsmanship that is unparalleled. Available in over 50 colors and in both 3mm and 5mm. In addition we have 100% recycled felt material for direct glue as well as application to our tackable/ acoustic panels. All our felt can be custom precision cut as a hanging panel or wall attached. The felt can be custom cut into precision shapes. Contact your local representative to discuss the finishes available.

Merino Wool Felt

Per Square Yard

Ultimate Felt

100% Pure merino Wool. Produced in European Mill. Width ranges from 1700- 2000mm. Proprietary 38 step finishing process. 51 colors available. Oeko-Tex Standard Custom Colors available. Additional finishes available. 3mm and 5mm available. 900 grams per square meter density. Large inventory maintained. Contract or residential.

Infinity Felt

100% recycled polyester material.  Available in 40 colors. 1.5mm thick.  Available for direct glue to walls, tackboard material or acoustic material. 72" wide goods.  Can be custom cut into shapes with self adhesive backing.

Infinity Plus Felt

100 %  Polyester.  Can be direct glued with or without latex backing. 2mm thick. 20 colors available.  Attach to acoustic panel material or tackable material. 76” wide or 36" wide with self adhesive backing.  Can be custom cut into any shape. Large inventory maintained for immediate delivery.