120 Colors Available

There are 120 colors available to use as hanging felt dividers. Choose from Ultimate or Volo wool felt and Infinity Plus Polyester felt.

Acoustic Value

The hanging wool or polyester panels reduce unwanted noise in your space by blocking its transmission and absorbing excess.

Customize Shapes

Standard sizes are 30,36 inches wide by 8 or 9 feet long. You can select the size and shape to fit your project. Several designs are available or you can design your own pattern to be cut into the material.

Felt Divider

Select hanging felt panels in any size and design

Select Design

A wide range of designs available to choose from or you can design your own pattern to be cut out of the hanging material.

Select Dimension

Standard dimensions are 30 & 36" wide by 8 or 9 feet long.  You can easily customize to as wide as 72" and as long as necessary.

Choose Color

Choose from our variety of colors available from the Ultimate and Volo wool collections or the Infinity Plus polyester collection. More than 120 color options.

Attachment Method

The attachment system is extruded aluminum channel and an attachment band that connects into the channel.  The hanging panel attaches to the band with velcro.