Intelliprint Acoustic Tiles

Intelliprint Acoustic Wall Tiles are a collection of wall tiles in various standard shapes and sizes. What makes them unique is we can print any color or design on them according to your specification. The tiles adhere to the wall with industrial tape, Velcro or adhesive. Contact us for more details.


Intelliprint wall tiles are comprised of recycled polyester acoustic material.  We can print any color or design on the surface. The material is not only acoustic but also tackable.

Color Options

Intelliprint wall tiles have a custom printable surface which allows you to print any color, texture or pattern on them.


Intelliprint wall tiles are made of recycled polyester acoustic panel material with a custom printed surface.

  • Wide Spectrum colors and textures
  • Any shape any pantone match color
  • Natural Wood Grain Timbers


Intelliprint Wall Tiles:
Provide wall graphics
Have high acoustic performance
Direct Glue to wall or velcro
Pressure adhesive attach to wall
Can be tackable surfaces
Full customization available
Adhere to partitions or furniture
Provide acoustic performance to conference room walls