KG-1 Tiles Collection

The KG-1 Tiles collection was designed by award winning surface designer Kirath Ghundoo. The tiles are made of Polyester fiberboard with a felt surface. The tiles have a high acoustic performance and can be used as a tackable surface. The tiles can be attached to the wall using Velcro, Industrial tape or adhesive.


KG-1 Tiles are made of 1/2" polyester fiberboard with a wool felt surface.  The polyester is recycled and the wool is completely natural.

Color Options

KG-1 Tiles are available with black or white polyester fiberboard and 65 wool felt colors for the surface in the Ultimate felt collection.


KG-1 Tiles are a great solution to acoustic issues or to enhance the beauty of any space.

  • Many shapes and sizes

  • Simple attachment to walls

  •  3mm & 5mm  thick felt and 1/2" polyester

  • 65+ colors available

  • London

  • Carnival

  • Skyline


KG-1 Tiles can be attached to virtually any wall to add acoustic value to a space. The NRC is .45-.65 which is enough to have a significant impact in a room. Pressure adhesive or velcro to attach to a wall or ceiling. Use as tack boards.