Tackboards are a collection of wall tiles in our basic geometric shapes and various sizes.
The tiles can be made entirely of our Ultimate, Volo,Infinity Plus material and adhered to the wall or one of these materials with an acoustic polyester backer. Full customization is available.


Basix wall tiles can be made of our wool felt or our recycled polyester felt.  The backing material offered is recycled polyester and is acoustic/ tackable material.

Color Options

Basix wall tiles can be made of any color Ultimate, Volo or Infinity Plus materials offering over 100 color options.


Basix wall tiles can be made of felt only or felt plus the polyester acoustic backer.

  • Multiple standard sizes per shape

  • Felt up to 72" wide, backer up to 48" x 96"

  • 2mm, 3mm & 5mm  thick felt and polyester

  • Over 100 colors available

  • 100% rapidly renewable material or recycled

  • Full customization available


Basix Wall Tiles:
Provide wall graphics
Have high acoustic performance
Direct Glue to wall or velcro
Pressure adhesive attach to wall
Can be tackable surfaces
Full customization available
Adhere to partitions or furniture
Attach to ceiling
Provide acoustic performance to conference room walls