Color Finishes for Ultimate Wool Felt

Ultimate Felt can be used with all Interval suspended Felt designs, Kirath Ghundoo suspended felt designs, Spectra acoustic wall tile designs, Kirath Ghundoo wall tile designs, All tackboard designs, and can be applied to all Strata wall sheets as the surface layer.

BC10073 Tinged with Green
BC10074 Tinged Dark Blue
BC10075 Black
BC10076 Tinged with beige
BC10077 Jeans
BC10078 Tinged with Brown
BC10109 Yew
BC10110 Reed
BC10113 Anthracite
BC10114 Tinged Light Grey
BC10118 Graphite
C10125 Dark Grey
BC10133 Tinged Grey Black
BC10126 Nature Light Brown
BC10134 Yellow Tinged
BC10135 Tinged Red Black
BC15169 Chocolate.
BC15368 Ochre
BC15369 Yellow
BC15370 Pistacio
BC15374 Dark Green
BC15389 Light Blue
BC15461 Grey
BC15462 Pink
BC15463 Violet
BC15464 Red Violet
BC15465 Purple Brown
BC15466 Claret
BC15467 Blue
BC15468 Green
BC15470 Marine
BC15469 Orange
BC15537 Stone Grey
BC15538 Cappucino
BC15539 Coffee
BC15540 Lime
BC15541Grass Green
BC15542 Gentian Violet
BC15543 Night Blue
BC15544 Pastel Orange
BC15545 Coral
BC15551 Sand
BC15731 Middle Blue
BC30161 Fire
BC10136 Modeled
BC30243 Bordeaux
BC10000 White
BC30244 Red Orange
BC30275 Pine
BC30352 Magenta
BC30413 Purple
BC31024 Double Melange R
BC31024 Double Melange V
BC32678 Dark Blue
BC32697 Petrol
BC33001 Double Brown White
BC33001 Double Brown White V

Infinity Plus Recycled Polyester Felt Color Options

Infinity Plus Recycled Polyester Felt can be used on Spectra Acoustic Wall Tiles, Kirath Ghundoo Wall Tiles, Strata Acoustic Wall Sheets, and all Tackboards.  It is not possible to use Interval Suspended Felt designs with Infinity Plus Recycled Polyester.